Large Wingdow Seat

Large Window perch for parrots
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Large Wingdow Seat

Pet birds are fascinated with windows for many reasons. They are drawn by the sunlight for warmth and nutrition. They are drawn by the view of the activity outside.  Our products facilitate this attraction.  We provide safe, comfortable perches in windows that protect expensive woodwork while providing an aesthetic display of the bird's natural beauty.


For birds such as: African Greys, Amazons, Eclectus, Mini-Macaws, Cockatoos

Measures: 16" High X 20" Wide X 10" Deep Perch height: 4"

Comes with:

  • Standard 1" diameter hardwood dowel perch.
  • Six suction cup assemblies. Multiple holes in the back of the Wingdow Seat allow you to place suction cups in the configuration that best fits your window. Length of each suction cup assembly can be adjusted to allow more space between the Wingdow® Seat unit and window glass, enabling you to install the unit over window mullions and other obstacles.
  • Rubber-tipped footing for bottom of unit to protect sill and provide stability.
Accessories (optional):
  • Stainless steel bracket for mounting food cups to perch.
  • Clear plastic 5 ounce food cups. Cups for the large size Wingdow Seat come in either round or half moon (“D”) shape. The round cups are stationary and must be unscrewed from the perch bracket for cleaning, while the half moon-shaped cups slide off for cleaning.
  • Adjustable, nylon straps that attach to the back of the Wingdow Seat, allowing Wingdow Seat to be converted to an off-the-window perch/high chair/feeding station for your bird.
  • Suction cup/clip assembly for attaching veggies/millet to Wingdow Seat. Stainless steel hook for hanging toys.