Play Top Bird Cages

Play top bird cages are great for the bird who likes to get out of his cage and play. You can put food, water and toys on the play top. Most of the play tops lift off so you can carry them to another room and set them on a table for extra variety in your bird's routine.
Prevue Deluxe Parrot Cage with Playtop
Hot Deal
Customer Favorite
Prevue Wrought Iron Playtop Cage - Small
Hot Deal
Great Price
Pappagallo Victorian Play Top
Hot Deal
22" x 17"
Deluxe Victorian Bird Cage
Hot Deal
22" x 18" Ideal for: cockatiels to conures
Deluxe Corner Playtop Cage
Hot Deal
Ideal for Medium to Large Parrots
A&E Deluxe Play Top Bird Cage
Hot Deal
Ideal for: cockatiels to conures
A&E Kasterra Play Top Bird Cage
Hot Deal
32" x 23"
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