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Cockatiel Body Language

Avian Network - Online network of bird products.


Bird Boarding

Avian Suites - Fabulous Bird Boarding near the Minneapolis Airport


Bird Education and Non-Profit Organizations

African Parrot Society - Forum for african parrot society.

American Federation of Aviculture - Education about keeping and breeding birds.

Avian Welfare Coalition - Dedciated to the welfare and protection of captive birds.

Connecticut Parrot Society - Promote education and safe breeding of parrots.

Long Island Parrot Society - Dedicated to responsible bird ownership for 26 yrs.

National Cockatiel Society - Educate owners on cockatiel health and wellness.

The Parrot University - Education for selective parrot breeding.


World Parrot Trust - Leader in parrot conservation.

Avian Veterinarians

Find a vet in your area - Search for a veterinarian by city, state, or zip code.


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A&E Cages - What makes them so popular with customers?

Avian Adventures Bird Cages - What makes these cages the premium choice?

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Bird cage for sale

Bird Cages, Emergency Kits, How To Prepare For Pets In A Disaster

Absolutely Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Parrot Cage

Specific Cage Sizing And Design Requirements For Macaws

Is Purchasing Large Cages For Macaws And Similar Breeds Better Done Online?

Many Large Bird Cages For Sale: But Are They Right For Your Bird

One Often Overlooked Source Of Bad Amazon Parrot Behavior Is Cage Size And Placement

Why Placing the Parrot Cage Against a Wall Can Be A Good Thing

Getting Birds Out Of Their Bird Cages Can Be Healthy

Toys For Parrots And Other Breeds Are Not Just For Play, They're For Survival

5 Reasons You Simply Must Replace Your Birdcage

Are You Hurting Your Bird By Not Using A Bird Cage Cover?

How To Tackle Cleaning Bird Cages With Confidence

How Proper Cage Lighting Can Literally Save Your Bird's Life

Do Larger Parrot Cages/Cockatoo Cages/Amazon Cages etc. Make For Healthier Birds?

Should Owners Bring Their Birds Outdoors?

Choosing Larger Parrot Cages to Improve Quality of Life

Hand Feeding A Baby Caged Bird

Cages For Parrots Don't Have to be Dirty, Neither Do the Birds

Safety While Outside the Cage: Parrots and Other Companion Birds

How Safe Is Your Bird Outside Its Macaw Cage, Cockatiel Cage, African Grey Cage, etc.?

Can A Macaw Cage, Or Any Other Bird Cage Protect Your Pet From Being Stolen?

Why Would You Start Training An African Grey Outside The Cage?

Proper Perch Picking, Large Bird Cage, Small Bird Cage and Everything in Between

Despite Courageous Efforts, Bird Rescues Having Trouble Emptying Cages

Why Companion Birds Hide Signs of Illness

Filling an Empty Cage: Bird Adoption vs. Purchase

The Microchip Controversy for African Greys, and cage Birds in General

The Importance of Play in Bird Cages (Sale Items Can Help Make Bird Life More Fun)

What is Happening with California Cages?

The Affordable Finch Cage: Can It Be Found?

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