Medium Toys

Toys are an essential part of bird health!  Providing a wide variety of toys and rotating them frequently promotes exercise, and keeps then entertained, alert, and happy.   For Medium size birds like Quaker, Ringneck, Senegal, Large Lories, Timmeh Grey, Yellow Collar Macaw, Hahn's Macaw, Severe Macaw, Sun Conure, Blue Crown Conure, Pionus, Rose Breasted Cockatoo


Medium Natural Stack, 3" x 10"
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Medium Rainbow Stack, 3"x10"
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Tug Lover 5"x14"
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Caitec Mr. Toad
Danglin Man
Everything Toys for Medium Birds
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Fire & Quills
Jungle Toys Caterpillar
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Premium Toy Package for Medium Sized Birds
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Hand selected assortment of toy favorites for medium sized parrots.
Stuffed Figure Eight
Wood Block Man

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