Macaws Need Large Cages To Live Long, Healthy Lives

To Stop Distressing Your Macaw, Large Cages Might Be the Answer

For Large Mcacaw Parrots, Bird Cage Undersizing Is A Leading Cause of Behavioral Problems, Disease, And Injury

Parrot owners may be harming their beloved pets without even realizing it.  According to some reports, seventy-four percent of pet birds are kept in cages too small.  Some birds simply outgrow their cages, while others require large cages from birth to accommodate their need for accessories and exercise.  Cage size is a crucial environmental influence on a bird's overall quality of life.  Because all birds are born with natural flying instincts, it is usually best to buy the biggest cage an owner can accommodate and afford.  Inadequate cage size can cause several different behavioral and health problems for birds, including aggression and self-mutilation.  Larger cages are especially important for larger birds, such as macaws.  An examination of the macaw's natural tendencies will help future owners make the best choice from the selection of large macaw cages on the market

Problems Owners Might Encounter If They Don't Have Large Macaw Cages
Macaws can exhibit distress in a variety of ways. This behavior occurs when their needs are not being met. As noted above, one possible cause is inadequate cage size. Macaws might communicate their discomfort over their uncomfortably close quarters with aggressive behavior towards their owners or strangers. They might bite fingers or squawk incessantly. Some birds will even begin to pluck out their feathers. All of these behaviors both harm the birds and add stress on their owners until the root of the problem is resolved.

Inadequate cages can also cause serious physical injuries. Birds can sustain bruises, sprains and broken limbs or wings from flapping in too small of spaces. Their beaks can get caught in between inappropriately sized cage bars. Birds can suffer from a variety of other injuries that cause swelling, tissue damage or bleeding which may go unnoticed to an unvigilant owner or one who isn't home for the majority of the day.

Large macaw cages can help distressed birds or simply provide space for other goals owners may have for their birds, such as encouraging the development of their natural climbing, flying and balancing skills. When choosing from a selection of large macaw cages, owners must consider the character traits particular to the macaw and how each cage and accessory will suit their birds.

Bird Traits to Consider When Selecting Large Macaw Cages

Macaw parrots are typically larger, stronger and more aggressive than their relatives. These traits demand a high-caliber cage. Large macaw cages should be sturdy so that the birds cannot literally tear them apart. Owners should avoid purchasing wood cages since macaws' strong jaws can allow them to chew right through them. Cages made of galvanized wire contain zinc and can be especially hazardous for macaws as this metal is highly toxic to macaw parrots. All painted cages should have "bird-safe" powder-coated paint, preferably that has been tested for toxicity. The sturdiest cages for macaws will be made of wrought iron or heavy-duty stainless steel with double welds.

Bar Spacing Is Critical For Proper Larger Birds Like Macaws

Typically larger cages are healthier for birds as long as owners pay attention to bar spacing. Smaller macaws need a minimum cage size of 34" wide, 24" deep and 36" tall. Larger macaws need a minimum cage size of 36" wide, 48" deep and 60" tall. Birds should be able to freely flap their wings inside of their cages. This is crucial exercise for birds since their muscles will weaken if they are unable to use their wings. Bar spacing should be a minimum 1 to 1.5 inches. These size requirements permit birds to move freely without damaging their feathers or getting stuck between the cage bars. Additionally, larger macaws benefit from thicker perches for their feet, and owners may have to replace the perches that come with their cages overtime.

Furthermore, macaws are curious and intelligent birds that require a stimulating environment to prevent a state of boredom that leads to destructive behaviors. Large macaw cages furnished with several accessories can fill this need. Chew toys can provide exercise and prevent outgrowth of their beaks. Macaws enjoy learning and performing tricks; therefore, the most suitable cages include intricate puzzle toys and a variety of perches, wheels or bird bicycles to play on. Because macaws are intelligent (boasting a cerebral region larger than most other birds), secure cages are essential. Some macaws will learn how to unlatch doors or pick simple locks.

Large macaw cages should serve several different functions: provide protection, healthy living, exercise, intellectual stimulation and prevent unintentional escape.  There are many types of large macaw cages available at to help owners ensure they are not harming their birds with their choice of environment. also supports the Cage xChange Campaign, which helps educate the approximate thirty million parrot owners in the United States on appropriate cage sizes and the dangers of inadequate cage choices. Owners with cages that do not meet minimum cage requirements can trade their cages for larger ones at discounted rates.  Macaws will appreciate the extra space to roam, and owners might be able to relax as they begin to see problem behaviors disappear.     

Large Macaw Parrots Need Larger Cages For Health
Loving owners of macaw parrots and other large birds need to consider the many sources that point to the need for larger cages for all macaws, but also in speciality situations like if a pair of birds is introduced into a single cage and if a wild bird is being domesticated. Even sources as far flung as the German government have codified the needs these tremendous avians have for a larger environment.

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The Parrot Care Project (PCP) and Cage xChange Campaign help bird owners make healthy cage choices. offers a wide selection of large macaw cages that meet the size standards established by the PCP, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for all parrots.

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The Prevue Macaw Cage is uniquely designed to provide adequate space for a large macaw means cages that "don't have to be expensive to be expansive" and yet still provide sturdy, high qualit surroundings that last the bird's life.