Buying Large Bird Cages

How to House a Large Bird: Cages for Sale That Provide Safe and Comfortable Homes

The Market For Larger Bird Cages For Sale Is Growing, But There Are Many Options That Just Won't Help Your Larger Breed Prosper

Large bird owners certainly love their pets, but are they showing it? Suitable housing is necessary to maintain the overall health of any bird. Understanding how companion birds communicate their comfort or discomfort and then reacting appropriately is important to their quality and longevity of life. But achieving this environment may be more difficult with large caged birds that tend to be kept inside their habitats for long periods of time. This becomes even more of an issue with certain breeds of large birds. Cages for sale vary greatly according to size, composition and style, with many options for the involved pet owner, but there are some simple guidelines to follow during this search.

Cage Size: Should Owners of Large Birds Purchase Just Any Large Bird Cages for Sale?

Large birds tend to require larger cages, but there are more factors to consider.

Activity Level

Large bird cages for sale are designed to meet a pet's need for space. The size of the bird doesn't always dictate the size of its cage. Larger birds, like Macaws, tend to prefer larger living spaces, including outdoor aviaries. Although bigger cages are most often best suited for larger birds, pet owners must consider the bird's activity level and natural instincts, such as flying or climbing. More active birds, regardless of size, will require larger cages to remain happy. This is true of Parrots, for example, with many smaller Parrots needing more room than their larger relatives. Although larger birds are generally less active than smaller ones, this isn't a universal principle, and the needs of each bird should be taken into account when determining cage size. Additionally, all birds need exercise, and an inappropriate cage size or style (a horizontal vs. vertical design, for example) can cause them to become sedentary and obese, leading to circulatory problems, arthritis or even diabetes.

Time in Cage

Another factor to consider is the amount of time a pet owner plans on leaving the bird in a cage. Owners who work outside the home or plan on leaving their birds in a locked cage most of the day should purchase larger cages that offer plenty of room for comfortable play. Large bird cages for sale can hold multiple perches, toys and food dishes. If the cage will be the primary if not only place a large bird spends his life, then it will need to be large enough for appropriate exercise and the accessories that will stimulate this exercise.

Finding Quality Composition Large Bird Cages for Sale

The size of the bird also influences the choice of cage material. Cages can be made from steel, stainless steel, wrought iron and wood. First, if the cage is painted, owners must make sure the bars are covered in bird-safe, powder-coated paint. Stainless steel cages are durable enough for moist and acidic bird droppings. Because it is non-porous, stainless steel doesn't create shelter for bacteria, and it is easy to clean. Wooden cages, on the other hand, are difficult to thoroughly clean, especially when the strong beaks of large birds gnaw at them, or sharp claws scratch them, leaving holes and cracks for more bacteria. Large birds are strong enough to damage both wooden and acrylic cages. Leftover splinters are an obvious hazard that should be avoided.

Assessing the Best Style of the Large Bird Cages for Sale

Flight Cages/Aviaries

Flight cages offer more space for birds to move around. They often provide either more vertical or horizontal room. Different species of birds have different flight patterns; therefore, owners should examine the unique flying needs of their birds before choosing a horizontal or vertical cage style.

Dometop Cages

Some bird owners use dometop cages in smaller living areas since the expanded, curved ceilings create the illusion of a larger cage without taking up horizontal space. Dometop cages can also provide more headroom for larger birds.

Playtop Cages

These types of cages work well for active birds that like to play outside of their cages. Playtops can attach to the tops of cages in order to save space or they can be purchased separately and placed around the house.

Classic Cages

Classic cages are boxy, horizontal or vertical designs. It's important to assess the natural flight pattern and activity level of any size bird in order to find a cage that provides exactly what they need.

Finding Large Bird Cages for Sale that Stimulate Bigger Birds

When shopping for large bird cages for sale, many novice pet owners overlook the space necessary to house all of the accessories their birds will enjoy. Ropes, swings, perches and toys are all examples of accessories that provide birds with their requisite exercise and entertainment. Larger birds need several perches to exercise their toes, and soft woods encourage chewing. Owners must also search for large bird cages for sale that will provide plenty of room for food dishes, water bowls or treat bins. These important accessories can take up crucial cage space and interfere with the bird's normal activities and therefore must be assessed in determining appropriate cage size.

Finding Large Bird Cages for Sale with Appropriate Cage Bar Spacing 

Cage bar spacing is another important consideration when choosing a bird cage. Cage bars should be close enough together so that a bird won't injure himself if he tries to escape, and a bird should not be able to fit his head through them. Cage bar spacing recommendations for larger birds range anywhere from ¾"- 1 ½". Although wider bar spacing gives birds a greater view of the environment outside their cages, it can also allow birds to get stuck.

Avian owners who are having difficulties with their birds should first examine their cages. If a large bird has become sedentary, it is often more difficult (than it would be for smaller birds) to make a cage adjustment that would encourage activity (without the use of a large outdoor aviary). But treats and other accessories can be used to motivate them. offers many large bird cages for sale to meet the unique needs of a variety of different birds. Owners can consult with pet experts who may recommend experimenting with a larger cage size or different accessories

Large Macaw Parrots Need Larger Cages For Health
Small cages and larger breeds just don't mix. Plan your large bird's "breakout" to a larger carge. The "Large Cage For Sale" category has more choices at lower prices to make your bird more comfortable and probably extend its life.

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The general recommendation for cage size asks owners to consider their birds' wingspans and activity levels. Birds should be able to spread their wings and move freely. Some birds require room for avian gymnastics. Long-tailed species also require more room to accommodate their longer bodies. The table above outlines the cage size recommendations for some large bird species.

collapsable birds cages for emergencies

The dometop is one of several large bird cages for sale that provides additional vertical space for larger birds such as Amazons, African Greys, large Parrots and Macaws. This design provides a boxy enclosure that can fit in most living spaces while the curved ceiling offers more room for larger birds