The flight cage was a terrific purchase. The three babies are thriving and improving their flight skills every day. There are three more in the nest we hope to wean to the flight cage within the next several weeks. Thanks, bird-cage.com.

Thank you so very much for the cute little ball. Marla jest loves it and plays with her ball all the time.
Wyspur & Flock
Bought the Prevue large flight cage and boy they were not kidding! Its a great cage for the price :) from start to finish my order was complete in less than 6 days from ordering and to my door. The customer service agent Phyllis was very helpful and sweet. I will suggest this company to other friends looking for great service, fast delivery and great prices for thier birds as well. I HIGHLY recomend bird-cage.com to anyone :)
Thank you for your kindness in requesting feedback on a cage purchase for my Amazon Gray. I love it and I think she loves it more. Zuhdi has called at least 4 cages home in her 20 years, but this cage outshines them all. We have the cocoa large prevue cage with the playtop ,if memory serves me correctly.
I recently reviewed cage covers for this cage, but I am not certain that any of the covers fit this cage. In addition, my husband is convinced that Zuhdi will chew and destroy any cover that we purchase. If you have any thoughts on this, I would love to hear them.
Thank you again very much!
Yours Truly,
Valerie - Oklahoma
My bird cage is just great. My two love birds just love it they can fly around in it. I tell all my friends what a great deal it was for the price I paid. I recommend you to all of them. thanks vicky
Vicky - Wisconsin
We are very happy with the Kasterra Play top cage that we purchased from you. I'll admit that when it arrived I was initially a little intimidated by the assembly that was required. Thankfully once I got started it turned out to be easier than I had feared and in approximately 90 minutes it was completely assembled.
Fred - California
I love this cage, and so does my dove. I wasn't expecting such a high quality cage for the price and I can assure anyone who considers this cage that they won't regret it. It's very solid and is excellent quality. It's also very easy to take care of.

Also, it only took me 2 hours to build by myself. That's quick, given some of the other things I've put together.
Cathy - Wisconsin
Ollie really likes his cage and refuses to leave now. All-in-all, I would buy it again and can recommend it.
Molly is enjoying her new home! And it looks great, too! Thank you so very much.
Rosemary - South Carolina
I love the custom cover for my large flight cage! It is perfectly sized, perfect weight of fabric, and is easy to put on and take off (considering how large it is). I am able to leave the greenery fronds and flowers that adorn the cage on, and the cover goes right over it all without damaging anything. I’ve been meaning to write to you and ask you to tell the person who made the cover thank you for me, and express how much I love it. You all really came through, and it’s perfect! I will have to take pictures and send later.
Rebecca - Colorado
My little parakeet flock are loving their cage. I am very happy with it! Thanks again
Sarah - Texas
My birds absolutely love their new cage!! As new bird owners I didn't realize how much happier the birds would be with larger quarters. It does take up more of my dining area but that's totally okay cause their cage is on wheels and I can move it around. I must say, I have never seen such a great selection and at such great prices. Pet stores sell much smaller cages for much larger prices and I wanted my birds to have something really nice. The cage is awesome, we love the color and texture of the cage and the fact that it can be taken off the stand.

I just wanted to tell you that I'll be back when I need something else because you are so easy to work with.
Cynthia - Texas
.... i am totally pleased with the service, the personal treatment of any issue i might have had, and that the experience, products, and the whole nine yards was as positive as any I've ever had. Even if the old buzzard still doesn't like most anything I try to feed him!
Judy (Tennessee)
Wonderful!!! Thank you for the update and for all your help. You have been so attentive to our needs.
The cage arrived yesterday and I was going to send you an email today to thank you so much for the great service you were amazing and I love the cage it is so beautiful. Storm (my bird) is still getting used to it but starting to warm up to it. I keep telling everyone I now have the most unique and beautiful cage in all of Canada. Again thank you so much I will definitely recommend you to anyone.

You're the best!
Thank you so much for getting me this info.
Yes, the cage was exactly what I wanted.


The cage arrived on scheduled and we're very happy with it. Thank you!

I got it yesterday!! (8th) AWESOME! I love it & so will my birds! Thanks so much..you have a new loyal customer!
Overall how satisfied are you? Very satisfied. I love the item and put it together the way I think it is supposed to go
Bill (Pennsylvania)
My cage came today, and I sat on the deck and assembled it. Strong, well-made, precisely drilled, and a snap to assemble. Everything a good cage should be. Thanks for a great value and a great cage!
Judy (Tennessee)
I received the bird cage the other day, had to wait til this weekend for my husband to put it together. It is beautiful. Now we have to have our Amazon slowly get accustom to it. Thanks, Michelle
I just want you to know I love you guys and the notes you send out are awesome And appreciated!
Betsy, cage arrived Fri in good condition. Husband put it together yesterday. My parrot is sitting on top asleep. She has not been inside but I'm sure she will. Let her go at her own pace. I was surprised she climbed on it this soon. Is sitting by her other cage. Wanted her too get use to it. Thank you and have a grt day.
The box with the toys arrived today.
WOW! What a FANTASTIC selection...even better than I had hoped!
Thank you all for your professional, courteous and efficient service.
Your generosity and great products will have me visiting your store site for more supplies!

Thank you so much for your help with my new bird cage. It is perfect and the assembly was very easy. All i required was a little assistance at the end of the assembly and that is very good for someone disabled.
Hi Katie,

The cage arrived yesterday and my son put it together last nite. My cockatiel is in it this morning. Not sure what he is making of it. It is soooo much bigger than his other cage.

Thank you for your super service!
Hi Betsy,
I purchased an Avian Adventure Chiquita playtop cage in stainless steel from you. It is a beautiful cage. My parrot, at first, didn't seem to like the shininess of it, as when the light hit it, it reflected a lot. We took off the seed catcher which seems to have helped, as it was extremely shiny. He doesn't really use the playtop, tho I thought he would. We had another cage with a playtop and he seemed to like it. But he seems to have adjusted to the inside of the cage OK. We leave the door open, so he can go in or out as he pleases, but seems to like just being inside the cage.
We had bought this other cage not much over a year ago on line, but it was made in China and had powder coat paint on it. I did not know the name of the company that it was made for. I was very nervous about the paint on it, so that is why I decided to buy another cage, only in stainless steel and made for Avian Adventure. That has made me feel so much better about things. Now I know my parrot will be safe from the possibility of lead or zinc that possible could be in that paint. I never had it tested tho, so I can't say for sure that it did have those in the paint.
It was very nice dealing with your company. The S/H being free was such a big help to me, as this AA cage is quite pricey. Delivery was fast too.
Thanks Betsy, I will check your site out again should I need anything you may carry.
Wow, you have the DoorSkirt. Saw this at the Glendale, AZ bird show
and bought two. So happy to see you have this it is great.
Hello Betsy

Our parrot Pepe the Military Macaw is loving his new cage!. I think it was a great buy and the free shipping was a BIG extra. It is very easy to keep clean and the construction is A-ONE.
I looked at lots of cages before selecting this one and everything that was said about it in the website description was true. When the parrot is clean and happy - we are clean and happy too! Especially since we have just a three room cottage and Pepe resided in my kitchen!
Thank you for your quick response and thank you for a great product with fast shipping too!

Jessica and Glenn and (of course) Pepe"
Hi Betsy !

We received the cage last night - put it together this morning and IT'S WONDERFUL !! Shelby (Illiger's Macaw) knew this was his new condo and was very helpful in putting it together as he was anxious to crawl all over it and inspect - inside & out :)

He is very happy - as am I.

Thanks again
Thank you so much for all of your help. You have no idea how much this helped me. As I have told you, I am taking care of my 84 year old Father who is ill, and my husband who was badly injured in a motorcycle accident last October and is still recovering.
You created a miracle and went above and beyond the call of a typical merchant. I will highly recommend your company and speak often of your kindness. There are not many people in this world like you. Thank you again for everything.
I am very happy! It looks so much better and is now escape proof! Thank you again
These doorskirts are fabulous. I've got a grey that is a hanger on the door and I can literally take off, rinse wipe and put back on in a matter of seconds.

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