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Bird owners know their birds are messy. And, unfortunately, the messes aren't contained in their pet's bird cages. Because this mess can adversely affect the health of both birds and their owners, it's important to clean bird cages regularly. But it's already difficult for many to find time to spend socializing with their birds, much less cleaning their bird cages. To properly maintain clean bird cages without spending an exorbitant amount of time, owners can prioritize cleaning duties and learn from the efficiency tips of others.

Weekly Cleaning Recommendations for Bird Cages

Cleaning Grates and Trays

Bird cages have trays at the bottom that hold the cage liners in place. These trays should be removed once a week and scrubbed with damp cloths or cage cleaning solutions. Many bird cages have grates that are suspended over the cage liners, which can catch droppings or other debris. These grates should also be removed and scrubbed weekly. They can be submerged in a bathtub and scrubbed with a scrub brush. All cage parts should be thoroughly dried before they are returned to a cage.

Cleaning Perches

Perches collect plenty of droppings and can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Perches should be removed and cleaned once a week with a scrub brush or sandpaper. Because some wooden perches can take a long time to dry, it is a good idea to have back-up perches to use as replacements while some are being cleaned.

Cleaning Toys

Some bird toys are meant to be quickly destroyed and should be removed if they are ever deemed harmful. However, other toys are more durable and can withstand many months of manipulation within the bird cage. These longer-lasting toys need to be cleaned and maintained like the rest of the components of nearly all bird cages. It is also important to cycle out toys to maintain an engaging and stimulating environment for birds. Cleaning time is a nice opportunity to switch toys and keep birds entertained.

Monthly Cleaning Recommendations for Bird Cages

Bird cages should be thoroughly cleaned once a month. After removing all dishes, toys, perches and other accessories, bird cages can be submerged in a bathtub or taken outside to be scrubbed and hosed off or exposed to a power washer. Cage cleaners and other disinfectants can be used for this process and can help remove debris from inside of cracks. Safe disinfectants can be made at home by diluting ½ cup of bleach diluted in one gallon of water. Seeds, droppings or other food debris should be removed before using a disinfectant to ensure that it cleans surfaces properly. Bird cages should sit in disinfecting solutions for 5-10 minutes before they are thoroughly rinsed and dried. All cleaning should take place in rooms separate from birds since they are especially sensitive to toxic fumes.

Additional Tips for Containing the Untidiness from Bird Cages

Because a large percentage of the mess created by birds comes from scattered food, owners can cut down on their cleaning time by only filling food and water bowls half full. The correctly-sized dish will offer a sufficient amount of food at half of its capacity. But unfortunately the waste isn't always confined to the bird cages, and many owners find themselves regularly spending time cleaning up the surrounding areas. Some bird cages have metal skirts that catch some of the excess food that flies through the bars. Clear Plexiglas sheets can also be attached to the walls of bird cages to help contain the waste. Many owners also use items to protect flooring such as carpet runners. These plastic mats can be easily swept with handheld vacuums and cleaned or disinfected as necessary.

Ultimately, bird owners will appreciate having bird cages that are easily cleaned. Owners can also consider easier-to-clearn bird cages with welded corners that fit snugly into corners of rooms to help contain messes. Additionally, placing bird cages in easy-to-access locations will help with the cleaning process. Larger bird cages with wider doors facilitate easier cleaning.

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