What Are Undersized Parrot Cages?


Choosing Larger Parrot Cages to Improve Quality of Life

Should Owners Purchase the Largest Cages If They Are Looking for the Healthiest Environment?

Nearly 75% of the parrot companion birds live in parrot cages too small for flight, with well-meaning owners unaware of the stress these cages cause.  Too often owners fail to examine parrot cages from their birds’ perspectives, overlooking issues with size and the quality of the cage environment.  Cage setup must be taken seriously in order to maintain the health of a bird.  This requires bird species research and a good dose of empathy.  Owners who have birds exhibiting problem behaviors should consider moving them to larger parrot cages in order to improve their quality of life.    

Negative Consequences of Undersized Parrot Cages

Large parrot cages should not be dismissed as luxury items.  Bird enthusiasts must understand the personal and financial commitment to bird ownership and avoid falling victim to money-saving temptations such as purchasing smaller, lower-quality parrot cages.  The truth is that undersized parrot cages negatively impact bird health and contribute to problem behaviors that require additional attention, leaving both birds and owners suffering.  Consequences of using undersized parrot cages include:

  • Excessive squawking
  • Aggression (including bites) towards cage mages, owners or visitors
  • Depression leading to feather-plucking (both self-mutilation and plucking at cage mates)
  • Anxiety and agitation (with new people, sounds, or activity)
  • Inactivity that could lead to obesity
  • Poor reproductive health due to infertility and depression
Larger parrot cages should be a serious consideration especially in the case of owners who are unable to provide additional outdoor aviaries or daily opportunities for time outside of the cages.

Health Benefits of Larger Parrot Cages

Conversely, large parrot cages can offer tremendous health benefits for birds.  These benefits offer owners the satisfaction of knowing they are providing the best environment for their birds, and they make bird ownership easier and more desirable.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved physical health due to increased opportunities to fly and move around
  • Improved mental health because of the opportunity for movement, leading to happier temperaments and better treatment of owners
  • An increased sense of security due to additional space that allows birds to flee from noises or other pets
Many bird owners who upgrade to larger parrot cages report increased activity levels from their birds and happier, more pleasant dispositions, making them grateful they made the switch.

How to Setup Parrot Cages to Maximize the Benefits of a Larger Space

When outfitting a new birdcage, it can help to try and visualize the environment from the bird’s perspective.  Parrot cages are meant to provide protection, sanitation and prevent escape.  While these functions are crucial to parrot health, they by no means encompass the entire spectrum of variables contributing to quality of life.  A crucial first step is selecting a large enough cage to offer healthy movement and hold accessories that also contribute to proper parrot health.  A variety of perches and toys can offer many health benefits for birds by encouraging natural behaviors such as:

  • Hanging
  • Flying
  • Swinging
  • Balancing
  • Problem-solving

But owners must be cautious when selecting their cage accessories and be sensitive to how their birds react to each addition.  Some birds react adversely to different colors or textures; therefore, owners should observe their birds closely with each new addition to their parrot cages.  Additionally, an excessive amount of toys might overcrowd cages and make even large cages seem much smaller to their occupants. 

Unfortunately some owners think inexpensive birds can get by in inexpensive (smaller) parrot cages, or that larger cages are a luxury they can avoid and thereby save money.  Larger is always better when it comes to parrot cages.  Owners should purchase the largest cages they can afford if they are looking for the healthiest environment for their birds.  This is crucial to preventing or improving problem behaviors and other health concerns and an easy decision for empathetic owners who can envision the stress of daily life in a small environment. 

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Bird owners often need to resize their large parrot cages if the birds have behavior issues
Bird owners should practice empathy as they consider cage changes. It would be terrifying to be trapped inside of a small space without the opportunity to flee from perceived danger or seek protection. Without regular access to space, birds are subject to these negative consequences. 

window perch is an alternative to letting your bird outside the parrot bird cage

Bird-cage.com offers a wide selection of large parrot cages to suit the health needs of any size bird. Bird-cage.com also supports the Cage X-Change Campaign's Parrot Care Project, which provides quality cages at reduced rates for owners willing to upgrade their smaller parrot cages.

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