Poquito Hotel Avian Travel Cage

Poquito Hotel Avian Travel Cage
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Sale Price: $159.99
Compared at: $175.99
You Save: $16.00
Product ID : 170500120
Manufacturer: Avian Adventures



You can find something that is stylish in nature and affordable when you choose an Avian Adventures product. Every Avian Adventure bird cage is totally durable and made from quality materials. Your bird's safety and convenience are taken into consideration when these cages were built. And the quality isn't only limited to the cages. All of the accessories hold that same great value that you have come to love with Avian Adventures.

Product Features

  • Available in 2 ""bird safe"" powder-coated colors:Ruby Platinum
  • Platinum features a textured finish, and ruby features a glossy finish.
  • The Poquito is the ideal cage for; trips back & forth to your bird's bird, people who travel, emergency evacuations, ""bring-your-pet-to-work"" day, boarding, use as a sleeping cage, and use as an outside short-term healthy sun exposure cage.
  • Most travel carriers are made of material, which makes it very easy for your bird to get hurt. The Poquito is made of metal and greatly protects your bird from injury.
  • The inside dimensions and bar spacing make it appropriate for Parakeets to African Greys (and most Amazons).
  • The handle can also be used as a perching area for your bird.
  • Large front access door makes placing or removing your bird a breeze!
  • Features the famous ""no tools & no screws"" set-up system ( watch demo video ).
  • Slide-out removable tray for easy cleaning.
  • This cage includes an high quality, tough rope perch.
  • 2 feeder bowls with outside access through sturdy swing-out doors.
  • Cage features both vertical and horizontal bars for your birds climbing pleasure.

Technical Details

  • Bar Spacing: 1/2""
  • Bar Gauge: 1/8""
  • Finish: ""Bird Safe"" Powder-Coating
  • Interior Dimensions: 14""(W) x 18""(D) x 14""(H)
  • Exterior Dimensions: 14""(W) x 18""(D) x 14""(H)
  • Brand Name: Avian Adventures Cages
  • Manufacturer's Warranty 6 Months
  • Shipping info: Shipping is only free within the contiguous U.S.A. If you would like an item shipped outside of the contiguous U.S.A. please contact us for a quote.
  • Shipping Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Boxes shipped: 1
  • Typical shipping time: 3-7 Business Days
  • Included Accessories: 1 rope perch, 2 stainless steel bowls
  • Slide out tray: Yes
  • Slide out grate: No
  • Swing out food doors: 2
  • Breeder doors: 0
  • Ideal for: Canaries, Finches, Budgies, Parakeets, Cockatiels, Small Conures, Lovebirds, Parrolets, small Amazons, Caiques, Quakers, Senegals, Meyers, Red Bellies, and other small to medium parrots