Buying Parrot Cages On The Cheap: Why Online Beats In-Store

Where to Buy Parrot Cages? Cheap Options Without Leaving Home

While many pet stores still appeal to some, the current online shopping trend has enticed others to skip the trip and click to buy instead.

Times have changed for bird owners. The local pet store used to be an attraction for any pet owner. Children begged their parents to stop in so they could catch a glimpse of the boisterous animals. It was a one-stop shop for pets and pet supplies. Because selecting a parrot's cage is one of the most important choices bird owners will make (since its home can impact the overall physical and mental health of the parrot), they will inevitably try to find the best possible home for their birds. But where can owners find the perfect parrot cages? Cheap options today will more than likely be found online. Now online shops may offer the best selection and value for birdcages.

Parrot Cages-Cheap Isn't The Only Reason Bird Owners Are "Flocking" Online

Here are some of the reasons for the online boom in buying parrot and other cage types:


Most people shop online because it is convenient. Instead of driving to the nearest pet store, pet owners can simply browse a vast selection from their living room couches. Online stores are open 24 hours a day, available to take orders at all hours of day or night and on holidays. Customers can place orders whenever they prefer, and items are conveniently shipped to their doorsteps.


Online stores also have a wider selection of parrot cages than those available in a bricks and mortar store. Many physical stores simply don't have the storage place to stock all of the different varieties of parrot cages. Usually pet store owners have to choose which cages to display on their limited store shelving. To save space, store owners tend to display more smaller cages than larger ones. Unfortunately, many parrots benefit from larger cages, and owners who visit pet stores aren't exposed to the largest variety of potentially suitable parrot homes. Novice parrot owners are not aware of the full gamut of cage options and may settle for smaller cages that can cause harm to their pets.

Tailored Customer Service

On the other hand, online stores offer a wide selection of cages that are always in stock and available for viewing with one click. even invites customers to email their staff with specific product considerations if they can't find what they are looking for. Although customers are not able to physically examine or manipulate the cages before buying, they should be able to gather plenty of relevant data regarding size, features and composition. Bird owners need not drive to their local pet stores to discover that their desired cages are out-of-stock. Online stores often order directly from manufacturers, which means customers won't experience frustrating delays.

Informed Decision-Making

Furthermore, online stores can offer more detailed product descriptions and a variety of other content related to parrot cages that will help owners make more informed purchases. In physical stores, customers may have to wait for available salespeople to answer their questions. These salespeople are often trained to answer questions on all types of pets, and therefore don't specialize in birds. Buying a parrot cage is an involved process and novice owners will want to seek advice. Cage size, material and types of accessories all need to be evaluated in light of the specific personality of each bird before any purchases should be made. A lack of aviary experience can lead to uninformed suggestions or recommendations of parrot cages cheaply-made that will negatively impact birds.

But online stores can showcase detailed information for an incredible selection. Websites offer instant access to product specifications and expert opinions. They may publish articles about purchasing parrot cages or offer video chats with parrot specialists. Some have customer service representatives available 24 hours a day. Customers can even browse product reviews to gather more information. Because of these factors, customers are more likely to make quality cage decisions when shopping online.


Need another reason to search online for parrot cages? Cheap options. Online stores feature parrot cages cheaper than many of those showcased in physical stores. This is due to the lack of overhead online retailers face. They can often save money on utility cost, building space and staff. Many take advantage of discounts or promotions and deals on free shipping. offers free shipping for all orders over $49, which covers their wide selection of parrot cages. If free shipping offers on other websites have higher minimum order values, customers can group several purchases together or order with family or friends. Online customers can save the gas money spent on multiple trips to the pet store and also comparison shop to quickly research the best prices for their desired merchandise.

Best Practices

As with making all online purchases, customers purchasing birdcages need to practice smart shopping practices by selecting reputable websites that do the following:

  • List valid contact information including a
  • phone number, email or physical address
  • Post clear shipping and return guidelines
  • Have secure checkout pages
  • Post a clear privacy policy
  • Advertise product guarantees.

  • Ensuring an online store has a quality customer service program is crucial to simplifying any cage purchase. This information can be gained by testing contact information before making purchases or searching for customer reviews of the company. Today online pet stores make it easier than ever before to find quality parrot cages. Cheap prices do not necessarily suggest poor quality. offers a wide selection of parrot cages with a knowledgeable support staff of avian specialists ready to help customers find the perfect home for their birds.

    Large Macaw Parrots Need Larger Cages For Health
    Many online stores publish helpful content that pet owners can access at convenient times. Bird owners can find specific information needed to purchase parrot cages. Cheap cages available online do not necessarily compromise quality with price. teaches customers how to look beyond price as the sole indicator of cage quality

    large bird cages for sale expansion

    The general recommendation for cage size asks owners to consider their birds' wingspans and activity levels. Birds should be able to spread their wings and move freely. Some birds require room for avian gymnastics. Long-tailed species also require more room to accommodate their longer bodies. The table above outlines the cage size recommendations for some large bird species.

    collapsable birds cages for emergencies

    Placing this 36 inch octagonal shaped parrot cage in either the side or corner of a larger room is one way to provide a larger vertical flight space.