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Toys are an essential part of bird health and wellness.   In the wild they are highly social animals spending upto 70% of their time foraging for products.  Providing a wide variety of toys and changing them frequently helps to similate you parrot, promotes exercise, and enriches your parrots life.  Everything Birds represents a wide variety of quality bird toys at discounted prices.  Shop our toy section for ladders, swings, foot toys, foraging bird toys, small and large bird toys, seasonal bird toys, and much more.  We also offer packages on our most popular bird toys at discounted prices.
Questions? Don't hestiate to contact our experts at or 1-800-785-4402. Thank you for shopping Everything Birds.


Mini Stainless Steel Treat Cage 6"x3"
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Mr. Thomas 4"x12"
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Munch Cascade 13"x40"
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Parrot Ladder 12" long
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Parrot Ladder 18" Long
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Parrot Ladder 24" Long
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Parrot Ladder 36" Long
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Picnic Basket 4"x1"
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Polly Preener 8.5"x2.5"
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Popsicle Sticks, 5" x 12"
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Racket 2.5"x10"
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Small Chipboard & Wooden Slats
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All toys meet recommended standards of the Parrot Care Project & Cage xChange Campaign. [What is the Parrot Care Project? Learn More >>]