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Shop the largest selection of bird cages at disounted prices.  From parakeets and finches to conures, cockatiels, and macaws we carry a comprehensive line of cages for any parrot need.    Founded in 1996, we have become the industries most respected online retailer by providing selection, service and quality products from the industries most respect brands like A&E Cages, Prevue, Avian Adventures, Caitec, Nuage and more.  
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100"x62" Walk In Aviary
62"x62" Walk In Aviary
A&E Deluxe Play Top Bird Cage
Hot Deal
Ideal for: cockatiels to conures
A&E Forte Flight Cage
Hot Deal
Our most popular parrot cages!
A&E Kasterra Dome Top Bird Cage
Hot Deal
32" x 23", Ideal for medium sized parrots
A&E Kasterra Play Top Bird Cage
Hot Deal
32" x 23"
A&E Large Dome Top Bird Cage
Hot Deal
Ideal for: amazons to macaws


FINDING THE PERFECT BIRD CAGE is important to you and your pet.   Use our Bird Cage Buyer's Guide to pick the perfect cage or learn more about specific parrot needs in our online resource center for birds.  

We know that making the right choice will help your bird to be comfortable, healthy and happy.  We only carry the industries most respected brands and back it up with service and expertise that is second to none.   Helping you find the right style for your home and budget is important for us and our ability to build customer relationships that last.

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Use our handy sizing chart to find a bird cage cover to fit your cage.

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