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What bird cage brands do we carry and why?

Avian Adventures Cages vs. A & E Cages vs. Prevue Hendryx

Our #1 goal here at Everything Birds is to offer strictly the best bird cage brand names money can buy! And we're not just saying that for a sales pitch, we truly mean it. Selling low quality bird cages is more of a headache for us than it is for our customers, let us explain why: If we sell cheap cages that fall apart, we get to hear about it from our customers. Not only would they complain about the cage quality, they also wouldn't return to us and buy again. We would get more frustration calls and emails then we would potential customer inquiries. This is not what we want at all. So, when we set up shop some time ago, our very first move was to buy at least one bird cage from every well known manufacturer. After doing this, we used & abused each one of them just to see how they held up. We were truly shocked by the results; every single brand name we tested was awful, with the exception of Avian Adventures Cages & A & E Cages and Prevue Hendryx.  At that point we decided we would only carry the brand names we were willing to stand behind. Sure, most of the brands come with decent manufacturer's warranties, but those warranties only cover you for manufacturer's defects. Those warranties do you no good whatsoever if the cage falls apart six months after you buy. 

We were also pleased to find out, that Avian Adventures Cages , A & E Cages , Prevue Hendryx, and Nuage Cages stand behind their products. In the rare case that a customer has a defective or damaged cage, both of these companies were quick to step up and get free replacement parts out to our customers.

If you want a quality bird cage that will last years upon years buy an quality bird cage.  To top it off, cheap bird cages have been known to actually poison birds. Buying a top quality brand name ensures you that this won't happen to your bird. Avian Adventures & A & E Cages actually test the powder-coating & materials used on their cages for high levels of toxic components. They would never sell a product that could hurt your bird.

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