Finding California Cages Replacements

Replacements for California Cages

Alternatives To This Great Companion Bird Cage Without Losing its Benefits

California cages are difficult to find now that the company (California Bird Cages, Inc.) has phased them out to focus on other areas of production.  Many owners search for California cages because of their high standards for durability and safety.  But people looking to replace their California cages can still find comparable quality in other brands on the market.

Reasons to Consider Replacing California Cages

California cages are known for their durability, but owners may still choose to replace them for a variety of reasons:

  • A parrot may need more exercise, so some owners choose to upgrade to larger cages with more horizontal space.
  • Undesirable parrot behaviors may also warrant a change.  Some parrots will become territorial of their cages, acting aggressively towards their owners.  Changing the cage is a way for owners to remind their parrots of who is in control.
  • Some owners prefer to change cages every once in awhile to prevent anxiety or stress during inevitable transitions.  Changing their environment helps birds not become too attached to one particular cage, which will ultimately help prepare them for travel cages or any other cages they will use on vacations or in other houses.

Techniques for Replacing California Cages

No matter how obvious it is to owners that their California cages need to be replaced, they still must be cautious with the transition.  Some birds will have a hard time adjusting to a new cage, and if owners aren't sensitive to this, the transition period will be unnecessarily longer.  The stress of a new cage could temporarily disrupt normal eating and sleeping patterns, so it is advised to keep the old cage around during the transition.  Owners can keep their birds in the new cages during the day and return them to their California cages at night.  They can also set up the cages right next to each other so their birds can spend time in each at their own leisure.  Bird owners can also stock the new cages with favorite toys and treats to encourage exploration. offers a convenient California cages replacement guide illustrating side-by-side comparisons and recommendations for different California models. pledges to sell only top-notch quality cages, having thoroughly tested all brands available on the market.  Only Avian Adventures, A&E Cages and Prevue Hendryx passed their intense quality standards, and these brands are recommended in the California cages replacement guide.

Play Top cages are usually for more active birds that spend a lot of time outside of their cages.  There are many different sizes of California cages with play tops that are still in circulation:

  • The Malibu (small)
  • The Santa Cruz (medium)
  • The Santa Barbara (large)
  • The Santa Rosa (extra-large) 

For the Malibu, recommends the Avian Adventure Nina Play Top, the A&E Cages Mystique Play Top or the Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Play Top.  

The Santa Cruz could be replaced with either an Avian Adventure Chiquita Play Top or an A&E Cages Trinity Play Top. 

The Santa Barbara could be replaced with an A&E Cages Kasterra Play Top or a Prevue Hendryx large Wrought-Iron Play Top. 

Finally, the Santa Rosa is similar to the Avian Adventures' Grande Play Top, A&E Cages' Valiant Play Top and Prevue Hendryx's large Wrought-Iron Play Top.

Dome top cages have an expanded, curved ceiling that offers more head room for larger birds.  These cages are good options for birds that love to climb and for multiple birds that are caged together.  California cages produced three types of Dome top cages:

  • The Santa Monica (medium)
  • The San Mateo (large)
  • Del Mar Macaw (extra-large)

As a replacement for the Santa Monica, offers Avian Adventures' Chiquita Dome Top, A&E Cages' Kasterra Dome Top and Prevue Hendryx's Medium Dome Top.

The San Mateo could be replaced with Avian Adventures' Grande Dome Top, A&E Cages' Majestic Dome Top or Prevue Hendryx's Large Dome Top.

Finally, Prevue Hendryx's Silverado Macaw Dome Top is a good substitute for the Del Mar Macaw.

Whether an owner is looking to solve a problem behavior, provide larger living space for a growing bird or multiple birds, or simply wants a healthy change of scenery, has a cage to replace any California cages.  If an owner has a different brand and wants to change cages because of durability or safety issues, can offer superior replacements to fit any need.  Changing cages can be tricky, but as long as owners do not compromise quality and safety and are sensitive to the transition needs of their birds, the switch will be successful.


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california cages replacement
Even the largest of the California cages (the Del Mar Macaw) has a suitable replacement. The Prevue Hendryx's Silverado Macaw Dome Top Cage offers comparable space, durability and ease-of-use.

bird cage training materials has conveniently organized a California cages replacement guide to help owners select new cages of comparable quality

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