A&E Bird Cages

A&E Bird Cages

What makes A&E Cage so popular with customers?

Privately held, A&E Cages has become one of the industries most popular bird cage manufacturers. What makes them so popular with customers?

Welded Bar Construction
One key features of A&E branded bird cages is the bar construction. Their cages use a welded-bar construction instead of a drilling holes or panels that slide. Welded bar construction is generally considered better because of the gaps that are created when bars go through pre-drilled holes. Dirt and food particles can collect in the hard to clean gaps promoting bacteria growth. Overtime they also cause rusting on the bird cage.

Unique Lock Design
Another benefit of the A&E bird cages is the lock designs. A&E Cages use spring loaded locks that are easy to install and more convenient than slide locks. A&E cages also include a safety latches on their grates for those persistent parrots and pet birds. These latches keep the grate (floor tray) inside the cage, making it nearly impossible for your bird to escape by sliding them out.

Bird Safe Paint
Everything Birds only represents products that use bird safe paints, but A&E cages is one of the few manufacturers that run independent tests and makes them available. If you are interested in getting a copy of the certification report just email us at service@bird-cage.com

Attention to Details
Details are also important with A&E bird cages. The wheels are designed to “screw” into the bottom of the cage, providing a more secure connection if you move the cage. Also the tray which is one of the most handled bird cage parts, is thicker and more robust helping promote longer life.

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